Bitcoin Audio Whitepaper

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Welcome to the first audio whitepaper, brought to you by the Sound Of Blockchain. Bitcoin (BTC) is the first mover in the space and it seemed very fitting to pick the oldest and the most influential cryptocurrency ever as our first audio whitepaper release. Bitcoin network went live on January-9-2009 when the first block was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto – Bitcoin creator(s). Time quickly passed and Bitcoin is now over a decade old. It is the first touchpoint of any crypto newbie. Bitcoin’s popularity is unmatched by any other cryptocurrency. All crypto-friendly shops support it, all crypto exchanges are built around it and most trading pairs are connected to it.

Bitcoin whitepaper is an obligatory read for any crypto enthusiast! You will learn how it all started and what are the main principles that make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (altcoins) revolutionary and attractive for the masses. This audio whitepaper version makes it even easier because you can listen to it on the go – while traveling, cooking or walking your dog. Without further ado, enjoy Bitcoin audio whitepaper!

Yours truly,
Sound Of Blockchain Team